Snow Removal

Expert Snow & Ice Removal in Livonia, MI

Snow plowWe Can Service Any Size Property

With the unpredictability of Michigan winter storms, unexpected snow and ice can cause significant problems. At M & D Lawn & Landscape, we will help you weather any storm that Michigan can throw at your home or business. Our reliable crew of snow removal drivers will provide dependable snow and ice removal services to keep everyone safe. We offer affordable rates and efficient service for your property no matter the size. Our fleets include salt trucks, snow plows, tractors, and more to handle any job to get you back to your life.

Salt thrower24-Hour Commercial Snow & Ice  Removal to Keep Your Business Running

Even though children love snow days– your business does not. Instead of a day of fun, snow can bring challenges such as dips in customer visits. A snow-filled lot translates to a closed business in the eyes of a consumer and could signify that your store is closed. Snow also means greater liability for your staff and visitors with the chance of slip and fall accidents.

Here at M & D Lawn & Landscape, we understand your business concerns, which is why we offer fast snow removal services for a variety of commercial businesses. No matter how severe the storm, our crew provides 24-hour snow plowing for commercial properties of all sizes.

Keep Your Family and Friends Safe

Slip and fall accidents center around icy walkways during the winter. The faster your sidewalk is cleared, the less chance there is for accidental slips and falls. When you hire M & D for your residential snow removal services, you’re getting a team that has the right tools to quickly and effectively remove snow from your property. For some cities, homeowners can even receive fines for not clearing their sidewalks and driveways– with our services; you can avoid those fines. At M & D, we have a team of experts who are experienced in safely removing snow during the heaviest of storms. No matter how large or small your property is– we can help.

5 Benefits of Professional Snow Removal:

1. Save Money on Equipment Purchase, Storage, and Maintenance
2. Avoid Injuries & Liabilities of Staff and Customers
3. Assured Work No Matter Conditions
4. No More Morning or Afternoon Stress
5. Quick, Thorough Removal of Snow and Ice

Choose M & D Lawn & Landscape for All Your Snow Removal Services

M & D Lawn & Landscape has been in the yard care industry since 1994. We are a family owned and operated company, so we understand both the needs of our residential communities and local commercial businesses. We serve not only our home of Livonia, but also Canton, Plymouth, Northville, and the surrounding areas.

We are prepared to handle your snow removal needs 24-hours a day. Give us a call today at (313) 570-4346 for your free estimate.