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Lawn Care Service in Livonia, MI

Lawn Care in Livonia MI: Maintenance & Irrigation | M & D - landscapingLawn Care & Maintenance Services for Livonia Yards!

We have the tools and experience necessary to keep your property looking its very best!

Keeping your yard beautiful is an endless effort. Trees, shrubs, and grass need regular watering and fertilization to stay green. But without a detailed understanding of local conditions and plant characteristics, it is virtually impossible to provide these services at the right level. M & D Lawn & Landscape is committed to knowing and meeting all your lawn care needs. As a lawn service company based in Livonia, we keep Metro Detroit yards healthy throughout the year, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the greenery.


Irrigation Services for Livonia Residents

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Nothing is better than having a good looking and luscious lawn. We provide customized watering solutions for your lawn. Since every lawn is unique, we carefully design the best irrigation system based on your lawn. Our irrigation installations and services include spring start-up and fall winterizing and cover all aspects of your properties irrigation needs.

As a family-owned company with extensive experience in the Metro Detroit area, M & D understands exactly how lawn maintenance affects your home. By making your yard more attractive, lawn care raises the curb appeal of your property, making potential buyers more eager to purchase it. Our services also allow your yard to make more effective use of natural water and nutrition sources, reducing the need for water and fertilization and your environmental impact. Finally, a carefully-maintained lawn affords fewer hiding spaces for wild animals, keeping you and your family safe.

The Benefits of Having a Healthy & Happy Lawn

M & D Lawn & Landscape leaves no stone unturned when caring for your green spaces. We offer a myriad of services to keep your shrubs, trees, and grass in good condition, including:

  • Irrigation - Water is essential to plant health, which is why the M & D team spares no effort to make sure your yard has enough of it. We begin by identifying natural water sources and determining how much of your plants’ needs they can meet. We then supplement these services with advanced irrigation methods. Our goal is to supply all of your plants’ needs without straining the environment or your utilities bill.
  • Design - Looking to incorporate new plants into your yard, but worried that they will crowd out the current ones or put too much strain on your water sources? The M & D team knows how to incorporate more greenery without detracting from what was there before. You can expand and develop your yard while maintaining its existing strengths.

In providing these services, M & D is careful to understand each plant’s specific needs. We also study the characteristics of your yard and those of the community you live in, taking all relevant factors into account to ensure healthy, beautiful plants.

We pride ourselves in providing you quality care to keep your lawn lush and beautiful. Call us at (313) 570-4346 today for your FREE estimate!